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Through my many years of engagement as a partner and an adviser for various organizations, I have been able to support the development of many projects, innovations, business models and companies. You can find an insight into my expertise below as well as on my blog and especially on social media:

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InnoQube Swiss®

The innovation centre in the Alpine region

The hotspot for innovation is being created in Chur. Over 300 jobs for innovative companies, start-ups and spin-offs are being created on an area of 11,200 square metres.

From 2024, research, life and work will take place in the new InnoQube Swiss®. A place where science and practice unite. The InnoQube Swiss® is a reflection for new forms of work. Whether as a permanent office or in a temporary system for office boxes, meetings, online conferences and congresses with digital full service or services such as food & beverage as well as childcare – the “Qubers” benefit from a unique lifestyle in combination of network, service and trust, which empowers successful work.

As founder and partner of InnoQube Swiss I am responsible for the development, implementation and operation of this modular innovation hotspot.


Development of start-up-companies

Business angel and entrepreneur

As a visionary and innovative entrepreneur I have successfully founded and built up a range of my own companies.

As an active business angel I am involved in several start-up projects across Switzerland, and I take a financial stake in businesses and support their founders by contributing the know-how, contacts, coaching, infrastructure and capital which are crucial to their success.

With my experience as a partner as well as my knowledge of different sectors and my networking capabilities in the economic and political spheres I am operationally and strategically responsible for the development of businesses and start-ups. At InnoQube Swiss I work with my partners to provide start-ups and new companies with the perfect environment for bringing ideas to market both in Switzerland and abroad.

As a member of the extensive EquityPitcher network I can provide effective support for start-ups.


Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide

From the vision to the World Cup

The unique Lenzerheide Biathlon Arena is Switzerland’s first permanent biathlon arena, and it provides ideal conditions for active amateur sportspeople as well as for national and international sports teams.

At its heart is the world-cup standard rifle range and the multipurpose Nordic House. The variety of sporting and leisure facilities here provide a stunning venue which is set in a picturesque landscape with extensive views. In addition to the modern overnight accommodation facilities and the bistro, the Nordic Hostel can also be used as a venue for seminars and events. The Lenzerheide Biathlon Arena is not only a training facility for professional athletes, it’s also a creative business hub.

As the responsible project manager and adviser I have had the privilege of being fully involved at all stages of the development of this unique arena from the original vision, initiation and strategy through to its design, planning, marketing and construction.

As a project developer and project partner I have a proven track record in successfully and independently undertaking projects in the fields of location and site development, real estate, infrastructure, tourism, sport, culture and innovative developments.


Greenconnector Switzerland/Italy

International power project

Greenconnector is an international high-voltage direct current connection project involving an innovative, underground high-voltage power line running for over 150 km between Italy (Lombardy) and Switzerland (Graubünden).

It will help to prevent capacity constraints between Switzerland and Italy by increasing the corresponding cross-border transmission capacity in both directions. Greenconnector is viewed as part of the European electricity grid.

The nominal capacity is 1,000 MW, with continuous overload of 1,100 MW and peak overload of 1,200 MW. The direct voltage is +/- 400 kV DC. Greenconnector will be Switzerland’s most important underground direct current power line. One of the main drivers of the project is the need to minimize its environmental impact.

As the responsible project manager and adviser in Switzerland I am developing this unique, innovative international project from the original vision, initiation and strategy through to its design, planning and approval.


Areal Kleinbruggen Chur

Development of a new urban district

In Kleinbruggen an attractive district is about to be created which focuses on housing. Combined with retail and commercial uses this key district will develop into an exciting new living space in the western part of Chur which will provide high-quality housing.

The district covers an area of 60,000 m2 and has room for about 400 new housing units. It will provide about 400 to 600 new jobs and will be built in three stages.

In one of the last continuous construction sites of this size within Chur the strikingly original development plan has succeeded in setting the standard for high-quality construction throughout the Kleinbruggen area, and it is binding on landowners. The district plan sets specific, demanding standards in relation to sustainability. In terms of energy use the scheme must be shown to meet the requirements of the “2,000-watt Society” which seeks to limit per capita energy use to that figure. In terms of health and building ecology, low-emission materials with a low level of embedded energy must be used. In addition, suitable measures must be taken to ensure the prudent use of drinking water. Noise levels must be reduced through the use of appropriate construction and design measures.

As the responsible project manager and adviser I manage and develop this large-scale and particularly sustainable development project within the city of Chur on behalf of Kleinbruggen AG. I have the privilege of being responsible for the strategy, design, planning and financing of this project, for the specification of the building leases, for evaluating the parties (to be) involved, and for its successful implementation and commissioning.


Switzerland-wide real estate development

From the conceptual stage through to marketing

As an experienced project manager, and as a passionate real estate expert who has an in-depth knowledge of the sector gained over many years.

I use my company – Investimo AG – to identify attractive sites, and I develop real estate projects on behalf of private and institutional investors who are based in Switzerland and abroad.

Investimo AG is a partner for successful real estate investment in Switzerland. It develops, plans, builds and markets high-quality residential, retail and commercial premises. It successfully implements attractive projects, taking them from the conceptual phase through to marketing. It’s a ‘one-stop shop’ – based on the dynamic life cycle model it provides its clients with support throughout the entire life cycle of the real estate project: from advice and the search for a suitable site through to design and planning followed by construction management and marketing. It develops a suitable investment for every client.

As the project developer and investment partner I take responsibility for the successful provision of support to investors, a  task which demands trust, personal commitment, and an unlimited sense of responsibility. It is on this basis that I assist as a partner and  support Swiss and foreign investors, using my substantial skills and experience to act as their representative or agent in relation to development of sites, locations, real estate and projects and the undertaking of marketing and viability analyses, as well as in relation to investor and financing concepts, project management, controlling and reporting systems, public-private partnerships, tenders and general procedures.


Bergbahnen Splügen-Tambo

Company reorganization and future development

The sunny Splügen-Tambo ski area at the foot of the majestic Pizzo Tambo mountain on the border with Italy is a major winter sports destination thanks to its reliable snow conditions and its excellent links to the national road network.

The attractiveness of this leisure and recreational area is recognized far beyond the region itself – in areas such as eastern Switzerland, Ticino and northern Italy. Bergbahnen Splügen-Tambo AG has been the owner and operator of this renowned ski area for over 60 years. The ski lifts are crucial to the area. They are the economic bedrock of the entire valley, and they create jobs.

Due to major challenges and difficulties over recent years the company that runs them had to be completely restructured and reorganised as a going concern in 2017 and 2018. In response to an urgent request for help from the main shareholders I joined the company as the chairman of the board of directors and as an adviser in 2017. I and my team managed to successfully turn the business around and avoid the threat of bankruptcy by securing almost 90% debt-relief and thereby stabilising its finances, and we subsequently managed to relaunch it in the marketplace with its own distinctive branding as Switzerland’s first resort to provide electric snow buggies for children and young people.

In order for the company to be able to develop successfully, its future business viability has to be improved. New overnight accommodation facilities with corresponding tourist infrastructure, together with brand new organizational policies as well as innovative and sustainable products and services, will make Splügen a more attractive destination and encourage people to stay for longer, which means that the average number of visitors will increase.

For me this company restructuring and development represents a very special, and far from simple, challenge. Together with the board of directors I worked with considerable dedication, combining entrepreneurial vision with motivational and innovation skills, knowledge transfer and operational and strategic experience in order to secure the future of the company. The investor model also includes financial restructuring which has to put the company in a position where it can compete effectively on the open market.

With personal drive, strategic vision and the conviction that further growth is possible, Marcel Friberg and I developed the comprehensive master plan that forms the foundation for a sustainably oriented development of the company.

After the completion of this successful restructuring and development process, I was able to end my mandate in 2021.



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