Moving mountains together.

Your partner.

As a successful entrepreneur and experienced project developer I offer great commitment, a wide range of know-how, and an array of networking contacts. Using these strengths I will work with you to promote and develop your business and projects.

As your partner I will commit my resources, skills and dedication to ensure your success in Switzerland and abroad. I will also consider taking a financial stake in your business and project. In this context I underline my willingness to bear responsibility and risk, and to fully commit as your partner.

Let’s move mountains together.



Combining an entrepreneurial mindset and a willingness to innovate with passion and creativity, I bring exciting and fresh insights to both existing and new businesses. I use my experience, skills and networking contacts to successfully develop and implement business ideas and creative, entrepreneurial processes.

Are you looking for a business or start-up partner for your company who brings commitment and networking skills and will consider taking a share in the business? I look forward to hearing from you.

Posts on boards of directors

I am a high-profile manager who has great strategic experience of working on boards of directors and board of trustees, and I have the technical, social and personal skills that are needed for assuming responsibility within a business, and for developing and implementing strategic changes and generating added value in your company.

Together with my company VR hochdrei AG we strengthen with entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge of human nature and a focus on your development goals your highest management body through optimal staffing and our individual BoD consulting.

Are you looking for a chairman or member of your board of directors or board of trustees who is dedicated and has managerial experience combined with strategic expertise and a keenness for development and innovation? If so, I would be delighted to meet you for a discussion.


As an active business angel and innovative entrepreneur I am involved in a variety of Swiss-based start-up projects, and I take a financial stake in businesses and support their founders by contributing the know-how, contacts, coaching, infrastructure and capital which are crucial to their success.

At InnoQube Switzerland I work with my partners to provide start-ups and new companies with the perfect environment for bringing ideas to market readiness both in Switzerland and abroad.

Do you have the necessary drive, and would you like to obtain my backing for your start-up? I look forward to hearing from you.

Real estate

As an experienced project developer, a passionate real estate expert and an industry specialist with technical expertise gained over many years I focus on values and proven solutions while also looking for new ideas. Together with my companies AKILA AG and INVESTIMO AG I develop real estate projects for private and institutional clients and investors, and I carry them out from the conceptual stage through to marketing in an efficient, responsible and successful manner.

Are you looking for a capable partner for your successful investment and for professional implementation of your real estate project? I look forward to hearing from you.


As an investment partner my primary focus is on strategic investments and taking financial stakes in companies, real estate holdings, and projects. In my opinion the willingness to assume responsibility, to take risks and to actively contribute is the basis of any successful investment. I am an experienced and skilled investor, working either on my own with my company ADIARA AG or with selected partners

Would you like to undertake an investment project, or are you interested in an investment partnership? I would be delighted to have a discussion with you.

Contact details

Franco Quinter YOUR PARTNER.

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