A peak performer.

Franco Quinter.

As an innovative entrepreneur and project developer I have successfully founded and built up a range of my own companies, and I have carried out challenging, high-profile projects. With my experience, my knowledge of different sectors and my networking capabilities in the economic and political spheres I am operationally and strategically responsible for the development of businesses, start-ups and projects.

I combine my passion with an unwavering commitment to provide outstanding levels of service and to adopt visionary approaches – based on my firm conviction that even the virtually impossible can be achieved: moving mountains.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Chur 1966, grew up in Mittelbünden, graduated as a rural engineer in 1992 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, and in 1994 was licensed as a federally registered engineersurveyor.

As a young engineer in 1996 I already set up my own business and developed my first company, HMQ AG, together with my partners, and over recent years I have built it up into one of Switzerland’s leading engineering and planning companies which is based in the cantons of Graubünden, Zurich and Aargau.


As a successful entrepreneur I have managed to expand my portfolio through a variety of my own companies inside and outside of Switzerland, and I now offer outstanding commitment, a wide range of know-how, and a highly effective network of contacts.

With my resources, skills and dedication I am a highly committed entrepreneur, project developer, partner and adviser both in Switzerland and beyond.


As part of my business activities over many years and in my roles as a member of the cantonal legislative body and chairman of its economic committee, and as a director of Graubündner Kantonalbank, I have developed an extensive network of contacts throughout the economic, educational and political spheres.

Contact details

Franco Quinter YOUR PARTNER.


Phone +41 81 650 05 05
Mobile +41 79 682 47 47

CH-7430 Thusis
Schützenweg 8

CH-8001 Zürich
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