March 23, 2022

HMQ GROUP – Leading Swiss engineering company.


As part of the description of my entrepreneurial commitment, I would like to focus on the HMQ group in this article.


The development of today’s nationally and internationally active engineering company HMQ together with my business partners and co-owners Christian Vetsch and Matthias Müggler was a very special, instructive and exciting phase of my entrepreneurial development.


Today, HMQ may be one of the leading Swiss engineering and planning companies based in the cantons of Graubünden, Zurich and Aargau. Together with our production facilities in Indonesia and Hungary, the HMQ Group today employs over 120 people. The core competencies of HMQ Group’s engineers, planners and consultants lie in the specialist areas of surveying, construction and planning. To ensure the satisfaction of partners and clients, as well as to offer employees an exciting working environment, HMQ builds on innovation, quality and technology.


HMQ Group will continue to develop in the near future as part of an exciting growth strategy. Together with my existing and new partners, our group of companies will be enlarged and led into a future-oriented structure. I am looking forward to this exciting challenge.



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