March 30, 2022

ADIARA AG – Your partner and adviser.


With the ADIARA AG, I advise and accompany companies, start-ups and spin-offs as well as foundations and other institutions in the areas of foundation, leadership, management, coaching, development, purchase, sale and restructuring.


Furthermore, I accompany and advise investors, builders and project developers in the area of development and management of entrepreneurial ventures and construction projects.


As a strategically thinking entrepreneur with many years of experience, I also actively sit on various boards of directors and boards of trustees.


In ADIARA AG I hold my selected investments in various companies, in which I am also actively involved. In the forthcoming months, further investments will be added to my portfolio. This will allow me to further develop my entrepreneurial network. I am looking forward to that!


ADIARA AG. Ihr Partner und Berater.

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