August 13, 2022

SUISSE BLOCKCHAIN AG – Swiss Blockchain Incubator.


Finally! I am proud to present you as owner, and board member of Suisse Blockchain AG, our new blockchain project. Suisse Blockchain is the first blockchain incubator founded on the Swiss DLT-LAW framework to help startups overcome regulatory, technical, financial and marketing hurdles. Our goal is to become the most trusted and impactful startup incubator in the global blockchain industry. Swissness from the mountains. From Switzerland. From Graubünden!


We are Suisse Blockchain – a Swiss blockchain incubator that helps startups reach the peak of their potential.


Whether you need support in blockchain technologies, fundraising, regulatory compliance, or marketing — we can help your startup the right way, the Swiss way.
Our team awaits your project and can’t wait to show you what else we have in store.
With the help of our partners, the blockchain community, and ideas circulating in the crypto sphere, we will approach the new crypto tomorrow.


And we will do it together.


Let’s Shape the Future.


Suisse Blockchain AG

My Commitment | Company Founder & Adviser | Franco Quinter

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